I guess many work from home beginners would like to know the answer and I’ve read some of the reviews in Google that they claimed that it is a scam.

However, I just want to share with you my two cents worth of my honest opinion in 10 points.

1. Price of program

First of all, I’m just an ordinary member and not the company representative. I bought the program for a one-time of $49.95 (not recursive monthly) since January 2011 and the company domain started around May 2006.

2. Company Popularity

Other than the company longevity, there is nothing glamorous to brag about; the Alexa’s global rating is about 970k+ as at August 2015. (Probably due to the public bad mouth that result in negative impression that affect the popularity).

I would like to ask 2 fair questions here before you read further:

1) Do you pay school fees for your education?

2) If you don’t work hard enough and due to impatience that you fail for your test or examination for graduation, do you call your school a scam? By the way, for those who usually work hard enough will graduate and those lazy ones will usually fail right?

3. Biased and untrue reviews

From what I see, internet can be a double-edged sword. Most of the bad comments could be from:

1) Competitors,

2) Haters,

3) Speculators,

4) People who do not do their research completely and jump into conclusion OR

5) Naive people who just want to have a get-rich-quick mindset and when things don’t work out as they expected, they give bad comments after that.

Ask yourself honestly, if the company is really a scam, how does the company get the fund for its support staff and sustain for so long since 2006? Do you mean there are so many people willing to get scam after reading so many “biased” reviews?

4. No further payment after the initial cost of program

Although I was charged for the program of $49.95 initially (which the company use it for admin and paying their support staff, etc.), I’m not paying a single cent ever since as promised.

The program consolidates and compiles everything all in one, like provide trainings, tools and job list. I was able to have a generally overview within days. It’s indeed an eye-opener!

5. Do you have the initial knowledge to access the free sites?

Yes, one may argue that most of these materials can be found from the internet freely. E.g. “ClickBank”, which is a place for affiliate marketing and there are plenty of real companies promoting their items there. But again ask yourself as a complete newbie, do you know the existence of it in the first place? (Some may hear about it but most not).

At least I’m definitely not until I bought the program. Most newbies will be like a headless chicken, keep banging on walls until they find a correct direction (by the time there will be a lot of bruises, ouch!). Time, money (fall into many scam sites) and effort will be for sure wasted!

6. Constantly refine ineffective strategy:

They may teach you the same strategy in the training but once many have adopt the same technique in the internet, it becomes common, flooded and it’s ineffective to make money unless you stand out from the crowd.

This situation happens everywhere when something gets popular. Why do you need to learn Search Engine Optimization in order to appear in the first page of Google?

Over the years, I have seen them taken down those ineffective methods and replenish with new ones in their training materials.

7. False claims of experience required and value earned daily?

In the program, they mentioned that you don’t need any experience, you don’t need any special tech skills, and how you can make $300+ daily doing it, that’s true!

Remember I was a complete newbie with no experience in the internet at all? As long as you know how to type decently with spreadsheet or word processor, that is enough.

As for dollar value, it all depends how much effort you’ve put in. Based on their statistic figures, some may earn more and some may earn less. It varies. Also it takes time to build traffic. You wouldn’t be a millionaire overnight right?

8. Program Support

Currently the support given from data-entry-team is through email and I personally feel that it’s adequate. Just for your info, I’m an international member with a different time zone (other side of the world), so a phone support and live chat are redundant options to me. Besides, with these additional supports, the fees may not be $49.95.

So far I’m quite happy with their support. Email that was sent was replied within 24-48 hours.

9. data-entry-team is transparent with the materials

There are many work-from-home scam sites that “promise the sky” initially that lure you to join them and later you found out that you’re required to pay further or “upgrade” in order to access their so-called “secret materials”.

However, there is no such thing in data-entry-team; every material in the program is “transparent”.

10. data-entry-team job nature

It is more of “job-leads” company that provides training, tools and leads, so to speak. Those job lists are legitimate. However, they do constantly remind members that if these companies require further payment, do avoid them and report back to data-entry-team so they will delete them from the list. You are supposed to get paid for the service you rendered and not pay to do work.

Finally, enough said and sorry for the long article, data-entry-team is definitely not a get-rich-quick program for sure.

If you’ve high expectation like: pay the $49.95, learn all the stuff in the program, follow their instruction and start making $300+ the next day, then you’re totally wrong! I would advise you not to join in the first place, seriously (to save the trouble of refund process and become an unhappy customer who posts more scam review).

If you really in need of money quick to tie over the difficult period, then I would suggest you go to online legitimate job portals like

1) Upwork

2) Freelancer

which you’ll stand a better chance to make quick money as the portals are free to sign up and the jobs are legitimate.

Source by Terence Toh

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