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After the long wait, Forex Black Panther has finally been released. So what’s so special about Forex Black Panther?

Like the other forex robots in the market, it is a sophisticated and fully automatic system for forex trading and users only need to complete the settings. Quick install system gets Black Panther installed on your computer in seconds.

Beta-testing of Forex Black Panther which is basically a currency trading system has been done before being released. It has been proven to be 100% automatic. Complete control on robot behavior is given to user, such as stop loss/ profit settings/ percentage of capital invested in every trade.

New users or beginners must use the default settings for minimum risk as designed for the use of hedge fund. Experts can use it as per their requirement. Full control is given to users. Traders these days have option to invest a small capital and make returns just like with hedge fund. The multi-currency feature is quite unique and is being launched for first time in any robot.

This revolutionary forex trading robot uses a complicated trading technology known as P.E.T.E. technology. Many other automated trading robots are not utilizing this technology. Apart from this, there are 3 advanced money management methods being used.

For a forex robot, support is good. Updates are given free for lifetime. Comprehensive PDF user guide also comes with package that has complete step by step instructions.

The main features of Forex Black Panther are:

– Suitable to beginners and experts and is 100% automatic.

– Unique P.E.T.E, M.D.P.A and SMM technologies

– Triple Money Management algorithm.

– Broker Protection

– Very easy to install, comprehensive and step-by- step user guide

– Lifetime updates and customer support free of cost

After studying the system, I can say Forex Black Panther is certainly not a scam. It takes the best out of trading strategies employing and incorporating unique and proprietary strategies like P.E.T.E, M.D.P.A. and SMM (Smart Money Management).

I believe that Forex Black Panther is successful because of following advantages:

  • It has real-money live proofs.
  • Was created keeping in mind multi-million-dollar hedge funds and is now converted to be used at home.
  • Has the backing of years of research, development and testing.
  • Friendly customer support team.

From the site, you can see that it has rather impressive results with live real money proof turning $2500 to $6750 in period of 5 weeks. Back test as well as forward test both show amazing results with ultra-high profits. There is also the feature of Guarded Broker Protection.

For me, the most impressive part is the money-management system. Forex Black Panther uses 3 modes of trading of capital to minimize risk. However, It is not advisable to trade using big money when volatility is high but to trade more while winning and when there is a strong trend in market.

I think overall, Forex Black Panther is worth waiting for and it feel that it lives up to its claim of being the first “Major League” Robot across the world.

Source by Ann H Simpson