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It is evident that IT experts are always divided when the question arises of the advantages of using a web template in design a website whether small or big. Though many argue in for of using the web templates, as it is seen to been more convenient as it is ready to use, many others believe that in getting a professional help of a web designer to custom design a website provides a better alternative.

It is difficult to generalize, but is seen that one can hardly emphasize the benefits and convenience of hiring web designers as it depends a lot on their competency.

Further it can be so, that things go awfully wrong if the professional makes some coding errors while design of the website is done, thus can render it unusable. Fact is that, there are greater risks of coding errors also occurring while designing of a web site as each of the keystroke increases in its probability. Apart form its initial coding; some debugging can also result in a big problem on the process of designing the website from basic, especially when there are more than 25-40 pages.

There on the other hand, a person can take its own pick from the wide array of all the pre-designed web templates available that are having good coding structure pre-loaded with standard pages in them. Often, all these come with some or the other add-on features as well. As we know most of the websites can have some basic components such as the home page of the site, copyright on the materials of the site, varied product or service information, different contact information unique company logos, using a simple and standard web template will serve all of their purpose.

Therefore we now know that by using of a template, a person can have all of these common elements in his / her website & simply enter an unique page content to be differentiated from all other websites. After all these we know that, even if 2 rival companies use the same web templates, both of their sites can always look poles apart as of the images and content associated with both of them. But if we see on the other angle, buying an attractive web template designed by some good expert will ensure the compatibility all with multiple browsers and including all those which are used by disabled users.

Going through the advantages of the template based website development:

It seriously saves in terms of time and cost

Till now we should realise that after use of a web template in terms of designing a new website ensures very less & faster work for everyone. Thus we know a pre-designed web template already in the view of people nobody has to worry about any site navigation & logo etc. Thus finally left thing to be done is to get the website up and spreading is opening all the pre-loaded std. pages, and entering the content, the images for the web page, and then after all those saving of the page under the new name.

After all the stuff is over i.e. uploading all the contents & images, we can proceed directly to a programming, then randomly optimize the site for all the search engines & finally be in business. Though this process is going to take a few days to complete, here getting a web site ready and designed by help of professional can take few months to complete it, and after that with all the differences regarding colour schemes & page layout. Thus we know that, a website template is a very cost-effective option as it does cost only a fraction of the total cost of finally hiring a professional web designer.

We now can understand that it is very user friendly

All the above gives way that consistent look and all the feel of the web templates will act as an assurance to all the visitors that they are there still in the same website. To add on to it, there reliable navigation structure of several web templates allows all visitors to browse more freely and independently without getting lost anywhere. Finally, we can say it helps in retaining all of the visitor’s interest for longer periods of time & ensure all repeat visits conveniently.

There are some disadvantages associated with this too. These include the following:

We understand that anything which has no proper customization or unique content, our website could end up looking like some clone of any other websites that have already used the same web template.

Also, expanding a web template changes all their lay out, which hampers all their visual appeal. All this in return can create problems in any search engine optimization.

Templates therefore are not the ideal for some website that is said to be dynamic & certainly has a huge database in store. Keeping advantages and disadvantages in mind, it is up to us to best decide if use of template based designing suits our needs.

Source by Anees Fa