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The slinky, wacky-clackers and hoola-hoop were all words we’d never heard of before the mid 1950’s. But now everyone recognizes the genius behind those winning crazes.

Those words were created and became an ingenious craze that struck the nation and overtook the world, but… they could just as easily have been long tailed keywords that meant something and led folks to some incredible opportunity too.

Any concept can fill a niche market if there’s a need.

Long tail keywords offer niche domination with identifying brand labels. When your brand identifies what you do using keywords, your recognition factor on the search engines becomes instantly greater. A craze that takes off online can bring you to the top of the Search Engine with Page One Recognition.

A new idea, a concept, or a precept created with a specific product in mind erupts with power when a niche market is found. A niche market assumes a paradigm relevant to a specific group of people expanding to broaden and envelop a market of consumers. If the idea includes a catchy title, a coined phrase, keywords, or a specific dynamic the consumer can grasp and share easily, the niche market is born.

The creator of a specific niche becomes a recognized guru. His product becomes the talk of the planet and the Internet waves with delight as another successful business is born.

Can you imagine sweeping the Internet with a craze such as the Hoola Hoop?

Do you need some help creating a long tail keyword brand for your business?

Source by Jan Verhoeff