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The nutrition that you consume has an impact on your eye health. For example, certain eye vitamins consist of antioxidants that reduce the risks for Cataracts. When it comes to eye vitamins, if you are concerned about eliminating eye strain, according to Dr. Mercola, taking Astaxanthin solves this eye problem. While no one is disputing the effectiveness of popular and common household names in eye vitamins, like Lutein and Zeaxanthin, even though the name Astaxanthin sounds strange and unfamiliar to you, research studies indicate it should not be overlooked or underestimated in terms of its effectiveness in improving vision health.

For instance, according to Dr. Mercola it boasts antioxidant power that is 65 times more powerful than vitamin C, 54 times more potent than Beta Carotene, and 14 times more powerful than vitamin E. Additionally, it provides a wide variety of health benefits ranging from a reduction in the incidents of eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, age related Macular Degeneration, protects against brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, supports immune health, healthy cholesterol levels in the blood, and improves skin health to boot. If you are interested in an eye vitamin that maximizes eye health in the areas of eye strain, blurry vision and dry eye, here are reasons to give this supplement a closer look:

Astaxanthin is a Carotenoid that gives seafood such as Salmon, Crab, Krill and Lobster their pink color. This Carotenoid is also described as nature’s most powerful antioxidant as a result of its ability to neutralize free radicals that damage cells, organs and body tissue.

In our society whereby there has been a significant increase in the use of technology, excessive close up work on devices such as Ipads, Tablets, Laptops, Cell phones and computer screens have contributed to vision problems such as eye strain, eye fatigue, dry eye and stressed out eyes.

A number of research studies have shown the effectiveness of Astaxanthin in resolving these vision health concerns.

In a double – blind study( The Gold Standard of Research studies), 10 people were broken up into 2 different groups and they were given the same series of eye exams that tested their eyes for vision problems related to eye strain. Both groups suffered from problems related to eye strain such as eye fatigue, eye dryness, and blurry eyesight. One specific group was given Astaxanthin while the other group was given a placebo. The group treated with Astaxanthin reported no eye strain symptoms whatsoever while the placebo group experienced no signs of improvement.

Another double-blind study conducted in Japan showed remarkable results in terms of the alleviation of vision symptoms. In this particular case, 46% of participants given Astaxanthin reported positive changes in terms of their ability to focus on objects at various distances clearly. They also noticed additional benefits in terms of relief from blurry eyesight and dry eye.

What is it that makes Astaxanthin unique and distinctive from other antioxidants? Astaxanthin has a sustained released effect on the body allowing it to remain in your system long after other antioxidants have been depleted. More importantly, it crosses the blood-brain barrier and blood retinal barrier, directly providing antioxidant activity where it’s needed the most to both the brain and eyes.

If you are concerned about finding an effective eye vitamin remedy for symptoms associated with eye strain, blurry vision, and dry eye, research studies indicate that Astaxanthin is a wise choice. With a higher level of potency and superior absorption, ultimately, this eye vitamin provides powerful antioxidant protection and addresses a wide range of health issues including eye health.

Source by Joel Travers King