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LinkedIn is a popular social media marketing platform that can be used as a personal branding and lead generation tool. Companies looking for further business opportunities are broadly utilizing this networking platform to harvest business prospects, join industry groups and make connections. Social media marketing experts advocate several strategies to be adopted for a successful marketing campaign on LinkedIn. One of the most popular strategies is getting recommendations.

LinkedIn recommendation is a social proof of a brand's value & reliability and helps businesses set themselves apart from the crowd. When others speak about your accomplishments, people are more attracted to get in touch with you and work with you – and a recommendation does just that. It is important to have multiple recommendations on your LinkedIn profile to make impact impact, and works better than self-praise. What you say about yourself would be easily overshadowed by the recommendations from colleagues, associates, suppliers and coaches.

Getting the Recommendations

Sometimes, despite having a good rapport with your suppliers, stakeholders and clients, you may not get the desirable recommendations (probably because those people are not too active on LinkedIn or are simply too lazy to write anything). In such cases it is important to make that extra effort to get the recommendations for yourself. You have to take the first step and ask people to write recommendations for you, if they like what you do.

Here, we present to you a few tips that can greatly help you in getting several recommendations:

  • Whenever you deliver a successful solution to a client, you should ask for a recommendation. This way you can get the most genuine and believable recommendations.
  • Do not compel or bribe people to write good things about you. Rather, contact people with what you share a good working condition and the ones who would love to endorse your brand on the social network.
  • When you send the request for endorsement, it is important to personalize the message so that it is well received.
  • What goes around comes back around – this holds truth when you write genuine recommendations and build your social capital. Endorse those people who have worked with you and you may get some good recommendations in return. (However, do not just write recommendations for everyone. Write only meaningful ones.)
  • You can request the people who are writing recommendations for you, to make it more detailed so that your profile appears more real and impressive.
  • Add more connections so that you have higher probability of getting the recommendations.
  • Do not indulge in spamming. If suddenly your profile has too many recommendations or general recommendations, your brand would not be perceived as a reliable one.

LinkedIn remains a significant SMM platform for B2B marketing. Make the best use of it by staying active on the networking site and engaging users with your brand.

Source by Imran Arshiya Khan