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Make my own web page for free is a simple step by step, and I mean step by step, guide for beginners.

Before we get started, please don’t be scared about how complicated some of these words sound, they are often made up by techy, computer people, to make what they do sound complicated, trust me, it honestly isn’t.

So what do you need to get started?

HTML Editor:

To produce your website, the first thing you will need is called, an html editor. (There we go already with the scary language) This is a simple piece of software that allows you to write text and add images, hyperlinks, etc.

You can buy expensive, all singing and dancing software for this but, you won’t need to. I use Kompozer; guess what… its downloadable FOR FREE!

Simply go to Google, type in ‘Kompozer’ and on the results page, the first result will usually be straight to the site where you can download it for free, just click on the link and follow the simple on-screen download instructions and save it to your desktop.

If you can use word, excel or publisher, you can use Kompozer, it really is that simple. When you open Kompozer from your desktop a small window will open, titled ‘Kompozer tips’ just close this window to begin.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the icons, most of which you will probably have seen on publisher or word anyway. Don’t worry if you don’t recognise some of them, you won’t need to use them all, in fact you will just use a few of them,

Website Templates:

Now the easiest and quickest way to start making your site is with a template; and guesses what… that’s free too!!

Again, simply go to Google and then type in ‘free website templates’. I just did this as I am writing and there were About 36,400,000 results. Nearly 36.5 million results, I’m sure you could find a template you like from that lot.

Now take some time and look at your options, make sure you like the look of your template before you start putting time and effort into making it into a web page.

Now download your chosen template and save that to your desktop too. Make sure you know where to find it again as you will need it soon.

That’s all the downloading you will need to do for now, that wasn’t too difficult was it?

I hope I’m not going too fast, and if you would like to see this all on video I’ll tell you where to find it later, but for now, let’s get back to Make My Own Web Page For Free.

Let’s Get Started:

Now go to your desktop and open Kompozer by simply double clicking on the icon. When it opens, close the ‘Kompozer tips’ window and you will notice, along the top, on the left hand side, there is an ‘open’ tab. Left click on this and another window will appear called ‘open html file’, this box will allow you to browse your computer.

In the bottom right hand corner there is a drop down box which should read HTML Files. Click on the drop down box and select All Files. Then, using the drop down box in the bar at the top of the window, select ‘desktop’ and the contents of your desktop will appear in the main part of the window.

Now, quite simply all you need to do is scroll down your desktop contents until you find the template and then double left click on the file. What should happen next is that the template should fill the space on your open page.

There will be some stock text in the template so just delete that text and replace it with your own.

If you have an image you want to insert, do the following:

With your template open in Kompozer, place the flashing cursor where you want the image to appear, then at the top, along from the ‘open’ tab there is an ‘image’ tab.

Click on ‘image’ and a window called ‘image properties’ will open. Check (click on) the ‘don’t use alternate text’ button on the left hand side, then on the right hand side of this window, there is a small, open file. Click on the file and this will allow you to browse your pc.

Go to where the image you want to use is stored; I suggest you store this on your desktop too for now, and double click on the image. Your image should now appear on your web page.

So you now have a web page with both text and images. Of course, it is a very basic web page, but spend a bit of time learning these skills and you will have it down to a fine art in no time at all.

It’s great that you’ve taken the time and effort to take this first step, it could be the biggest step you have ever taken. Eventually, to get your web page onto the internet, you will need a ‘Domain Name’, (the name you will call your website), and some other stuff but, that’s not what ‘Make My Own Web Page For Free’ is about, however you can find all this on my website, FOR FREE.

Well I hope this has been helpful and that you’ve enjoyed our journey to your first web page.

Source by Colin Lott