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There are a number of advantages to using free templates for your pet-themed website. They are easy to use, cost nothing, and save a tremendous amount of time. However, you might feel a bit restricted by the selection of free animal templates on the Internet and want to make your site a bit more personalized. Fortunately, with a few easy steps you can customize your free pet templates and make your site as unique as you are.

The most important step is selecting the right template for your site. If you’re creating a portfolio site for a show dog or a photogenic feline, look for free pet templates that are Flash-based and very visual. If you’re selling pet supplies, look for free animal templates that are e-commerce based, with lots of room for product display. If you’re building a community for pet owners, look for a bulletin board template with social media integration.

The right photos can really personalize your site, especially if you’re using photos you took yourself. If your personal collection doesn’t have what you’re looking for to perfectly customize your free animal templates, you can try searching sites such as Flickr and Google Images for a great photo or illustration. Just be sure to look for images that are being shared under a Creative Commons license, so you don’t violate any copyrights. The copyright issue is strictly followed by the authors today, so we’d recommend you to be careful when using their materials. The best way is taking the photos on your own and using them as clip-art for your prospective websites. Moreover, real images of your pets, goods and services will add much more trust to your company.

Many free templates include customizable widgets, allowing you to add page and navigation elements you need and swap out ones you don’t. Widgets are a great way to customize your free template and add dynamic elements without writing any code or needing any technical skills.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try making some changes to the template’s Cascading Style Sheet, or CSS. This should only be done with extreme caution, as a mistake here can ruin the look and feel of your free templates. But with a bit of research on CSS codes, you can make simple changes to elements such as fonts, text color, background colors, and borders that really make your site come alive.

Source by Stan Lem