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About 60% of the American population relies heavily on glasses and contacts to see clearly. According to the American Optometric Association 30% of people in the United States suffer from a vision condition called Myopia which is also known as nearsightedness. If you suffer from nearsightedness you generally have difficulty seeing objects in the distance such as street signs and billboards etc. If you suffer from this vision condition you only require glasses for distance viewing activities only but don’t require them for activities such as reading and using the computer and digital devices. Some of the symptoms associated with nearsightedness include eye strain, blurry distance vision and squinting to see clearly to name a few.

The main causes of myopia include the buildup of stress and tension in the eye muscles related to excessive close up work. Years of such excessive close up activities have a negative effect on the eye muscles responsible for the focusing power of the eyes. As a result of these negative effects on the visual system, the eye muscles become weak. These muscles act upon the eyeball through a process called accommodation, (the focusing ability of the eye muscles that enable us to see near and distant objects clearly). An accumulation of stress and tension over the years causes the shape of the eyeball to become distorted and elongated in shape. In the case of nearsightedness, light rays reflected from objects fall in front of the retina instead of falling directly on it. This causes blurry distance vision resulting in the development of myopia. A natural remedy can reduce or eliminate this vision problem. You can improve your myopia with natural eye exercise techniques.

Glasses are a commonly prescribed treatment for Myopia. However, glasses simply mask the symptoms instead of correcting the underlying causes. Eye exercises on the other hand, address the underlying causes of such vision conditions by relaxing the visual system and by strengthening weakened eye muscles, thereby improving the focusing ability of the eyes. The process of putting these simple and user-friendly eye exercise techniques into practice, diligently and consistently, can help you improve your vision naturally without glasses.

Even if you have suffered from vision conditions for many years, you can ultimately, repair, improve and rebuild the foundation of your visual system for healthier eyesight regardless of the strength or power of your prescription. All it takes is minutes a day to accomplish your goals for natural vision improvement without glasses.

Source by Joel Travers King