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A big portion of your company’s branding strategy should be taking advantage of the free advertising offered on social media sites. Plans to exploit Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to their fullest advantage should be considered when developing your brand strategy because these three popular social media sites will allow you to interact with your public, listen to their feedback, and stay connected.

Remember, it takes time and effort to create a money-making blog or website, and constant updating to keep it relevant and thriving. Start investing your time now and create some good blog/website maintenance habits. The sooner you make these processes second-nature, the sooner you’ll get some dough rolling into your dusty coffers.

Think of social media as the fertilizer for your growing business. Too little and growth will be stunted and slow. Too much and you risk burning the new shoots. But use just enough fertilizer and healthy growth will be your reward.

Creative Branding Through Social Media

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the social networking sites that keep popping up. Pick a handful and concentrate your efforts on those. Spreading yourself too thin can result in burning out on constant posting and repetitive tasking.

That being said, you simply must advertise your blog or website on social media sites. There’s just no two ways around it. Even if it doesn’t get any votes on Digg and nobody on Facebook likes it, your post is still creating backlinks to your money site. And Google loves backlinks, especially those that are one way from an authority site to you.

Creative branding through Digg, Facebook, and Twitter doesn’t have to be complicated. Just drop a note saying you’ve posted a new article on such and such a topic and include a link to the article. A video would be great and counts for a lot on Google, but just a few words will do in a pinch.

And please remember that every time you post an article or tweet or say something on Facebook you’re building your brand. You may or may not be following the company branding strategy, but you’re still building your brand. Make sure what you post is in the best interest of your company.

Creative branding through social media will help your site move up in the search engine rankings toward that coveted First Page of Results (cue angelic music). Your online reputation and credibility will be built through the effort you put into your posts, tweets, and blogs.

Source by Charlie Seymour Jr