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Whether or not you are in the workplace or at home chances are the use of technology is an integral part of your daily lifestyle. Working on the computer for prolonged periods of time encourages visual habits such as staring and excessive close up work. Staring causes you to keep your eyes open for longer periods of time. This visual habit significantly reduces your rate of blinking which leads to dry eye. Natural vision care practitioners highly recommend blinking eye exercises as a remedy for the problem of dry eye. Taking periodic breaks from your close up work to perform blinking eye exercise techniques are highly beneficial to the health of your visual system. This improves your vision health in addition to solving the eye problems associated with dry eye. Therefore, here are 3 benefits of these techniques for improving your vision health:

1 Blinking Eye Exercises Purify the Eyes: These techniques have detoxification properties that are helpful in protecting vision health. This is due to the fact that they have a cleansing and purification effect on the eyes thereby ridding it of toxins. This protects the health of the Cornea from the negative effects of bacteria in the eyes.

2 Blinking Eye Exercises Relieve Dry Eye: These techniques also have a lubricating effect on the eyes. These techniques stimulate natural moisture in the eyes thereby increasing the eye’s natural tear production. This is a good natural remedy for vision problems associated with dry eye.

3 The Techniques Are Easy and Convenient: These techniques are so simple and easy to practice that you can easily fit them into your busy schedule as you take periodic breaks from your close up work.

Here is an example of how you can perform a blinking eye exercise. You can begin this routine by inhaling deeply and slowly while your eyes are open. As you inhale ensure that your lungs are completely filled with air. Then, blink a few times at a normal pace. Then, open and close your eyes as quickly as possible and them blink your eyes at a rapid pace. The key to performing this technique is to alternate both exercises. You can perform this technique at every 20 minute interval for 8-10 repetitions as you take periodic breaks from your close up work. This technique is called Flutter Blinking.

Excessive close up work on the computer and on digital devices encourages staring which in turn leads to the development of dry eye. Natural remedies for this eye problem are blinking eye exercises. These techniques provide a wide array of eye health benefits. Some of these benefits include dry eye relief, eye purification and easy to perform techniques that you can fit into your busy schedule as you take periodic breaks from your close up work. Ultimately, these techniques once practiced regularly, can save your vision health from the negative effects of close up work on the computer.

Source by Joel Travers King