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This article will teach you how to publish your books online. It contains detailed tips and lessons that can help you become a successful writer/publisher.

Use Programs Designed for Book Writing

Mainstream word processors (e.g. MS Word) are created for general purposes. You may use them to prepare resumes, letters, essays and similar documents. However, these programs are not ideal for writing books. They possess a lot of features that you don’t need as a writer. Instead of relying on Word or TextEdit, invest on a specialized program like Scrivener.

Basically, Scrivener is a word processor designed for writing books (e.g. novels). It has cool features such as tabs and automatic backups. In addition, it has a “corkboard” that can help you generate and manage ideas.

This tool is compatible with Mac and Windows computers.

Avoid Tables

The Kindle platform is not fully compatible with tables. Tables get jumbled and/or divided into several parts when viewed on a Kindle app or device. Thus, you should communicate your message using plain text as much as you can. If you really need to display tabulated information, use screenshots and insert the images to the book.

Hire an Editor

This is an important investment. You might be a skilled writer, but you need the help of a professional editor to root out the mistakes present in your final output. As you know, misspelled words and grammatical errors can turn off even the most avid readers.

If you don’t know any professional editor, ask other writers for suggestions. As an alternative, you may look for a freelance editor through http://www.upwork.com or similar sites.

Send Advanced Copies to Some People

One of the best ways to promote a book is to send some copies to others. Ask these people to leave reviews on the book once you publish it on the Kindle bookstore. Nothing beats positive reviews when it comes to attracting new readers.

Note that the reviewers should indicate that they have an advanced copy, especially if the contents of your book require the “test of time”. For instance, if the title of your book is “How to Boost your IQ in Two Months”, and the reviewers posted their comments on the same day you published it, potential readers will think that you are doing something fishy.

Take Care of the Post-Publishing Tasks

You spent more than eight hours each day writing your book. Now that you pressed the “Publish” button, you’ll spend 12 or more hours on your book. You probably assumed that the difficult and time-consuming stuff ended upon publishing your work. Well, nothing can be further from the truth.

After publishing your book, you should do the following:

· Generate buzz.

· Launch and manage marketing campaigns for your book.

· Post on your website or blog about the release of your work.

· Make sure that the published book is error-free.

· Analyze the sales performance of your book.

· Interact with people who bought your book or are interested in purchasing it.

· Use social networking sites to share the news about your new accomplishment.

By doing all these, your published book in Amazon will turn out to be a huge success.

Source by Rob Hillman