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Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing

Basic aim of Web marketing is to increase the visibility of any product or service on Internet all over the world. Now when 80% of all website traffic comes from search engines, it is very important that search engines do direct traffic to any website where products and services are listed.

At this very moment SEO comes in the picture to make it possible, so we can have more search engine traffic.

Types of SEO

A. White Hat SEO: This includes following all the parameters of search engines to enhance ranking. This is also called Organic or Natural Ranking.

B. Black Hat SEO: This includes the unaccepted methods to increase the ranking of any website; following these techniques can cause penalties for websites.

C. Gray Hat SEO: This is a mix method of White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques; at times it is accepted by search engines.

Tasks for Search Engine Optimization of any website.

A. On-Page optimization factors

1. Keyword Research: Searching keywords is a very important step, where any business can make or break. We need to be very careful to lookout for the word which is highly searched on search engines, while the competing pages are not very high. So we will be quick to rank higher for that particular keyword search.

2. URL writing: writing URL effectively according to the selected keyword will be an additional benefit for the on-page optimization of the web page. Registering Domain Name in accordance to the keyword selection is also helpful.

3. Title Tag & Meta Tag Optimization: Writing effective title and meta tag description or the web page in accordance to the keyword selected again is required.

4. Content Optimization: Content of the webpage should be carefully written using the selected keywords effectively and should not cross 8-10% density amongst the total content of the webpage.

5. Page structure: using CSS or cascade style sheet, using alt text for images, using headers and footer links, using H1/H2/H3 tags also make webpage more search engine friendly.

6. Site Map: Using site map for web site can be useful and handy; site map should be made in normal format for the visitors of web site to find any service or product easily.

B. Off-Page Optimization

1. Search Engine Submission and Directory Submission: submitting website to search engines and directories with higher PR value is necessary.

2. Article Release, Press Release & Blogging: Releasing articles related to the products and services provides backlink opportunity, at the same time creating blogs & press releases are also very effective and helpful to get traffic and Brand Building.

3. PPC & Banner -AD Campaigns: PPC campaigns or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of Google, yahoo or any other network provides filtered quality traffic; while CPM or Banner-AD helps in Brand Building again.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

1. Quality Traffic: SEO provides higher quality traffic from all the search engines, which can easily be converted in to sales.

2. Online Visibility: higher positioning in search engines provides higher online exposure and visibility all over the world.

3. Brand Awareness: higher positioning in search engines for any search result provide Brand Awareness for the website and company at the same time for products all over the world.

4. Higher Sales Opportunities: for any keyword search when a website comes at higher position, there are more chances that visitor will follow search engine and business opportunities can go up.

Source by Amit Sati