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Years ago when I built my first website I was excited just to create something worthy and get it onto the web. This was in the days before Google and Search Engines and I had no notification of marketing the website at all

Website software has changed a lot since then. But the task of getting your words and images out to the greatest number of people is unchanged. Whether you wish to educate or to sell you have a need to build the site in such a way that Search Engines will find it easily and will understand what your site is about.

And that brings us to SEO Website Builder. This is software designed for people who want a website that works; a website built to make the job of the search engine spiders easier.

It is amazing to me that many web techs and graphic designers are blind to the fact that what we all want our websites to do is perform well in the search engine results pages

And with major algorithm changes every few months the days of trying to fool or play the search engines are coming to an end. Google in particular has gone beyond measuring the worth of a webpage by looking only at keyword density and meta tags. Increasingly search engines are looking for relationships between the words on the page.

These relationships are called "Themes" and SEO Website Builder helps you to build your webpages optimized according to keyword location and themes.

A simple example may be useful. Knowing that the keyword "table" is on a page does not tell the search engine anything definite. But when combined with "chair" and "Bookcase" the search engines can see a theme of "Furniture"; when combined with "menu" and "service" the search engine comes to the conclusion that the page is about a restaurant, lastly when combined with "cell", "left justified" and "footer" we have a theme of elements on a webpage .

Most webmasters do not have a clue that this revolution is here. The technology that Google uses to judge the contents of a page so that it can serve appropriate advertisements (Adsense) is increasingly being used to judge the contents and the quality of a page.

No longer is Google going to rely on a webmaster telling them what a webpage is about with meta tags. Google now has the technology to judge for itself. The only positive way to respond is to construct webpages according to the new reality. The rules have changed!

This makes it even more important to structure your website properly. SEO Website Builder guides you through this process. The main screen has 8 tabs across the top guiding you through the construction process from start to finish. This is very "newbie" friendly. There is a Helper Panel on the left which alters as you work your way through each screen.

The first screen is for basic information about the site such as site name, domain name, location on your computer where the output files will be stored and AdSense Publisher number

At every step there is context sensitive help available. And there are at the time of writing this review 17 training videos which you can download

SEO Website Builder can build a site three different ways. The first is the "Module method". This will be familiar to users of version 1 of the software. A Module is a Headline or a Paragraph or image and can be incorporated on a webpage in a simple way. This makes for very simple and clean HTML code. In passing, you do not need to know any HTML to use this powerful software.

Secondly we can make a site from articles we have already on our hard drive. Within a few seconds the articles can be chosen and the site built. Whether these articles are from a PLR member site or are written by you or a Ghost writer, the site building is very easy.

Third, one of the training videos shows the construction of a Silo Site. This is much easier to see and understand than to write about. I learned about Silo Sites from SEO expert Charles Heflin. They are sites which directory structure and internal linking make it easy for the search engine spiders to navigate through your entire site. This leads to an optimum performance and placing of the site in the Search Engine Results Pages. SEO Website Builder can do this construction method easily.

In summary, SEO Website Builder is a new friendly, flexible, website builder that can make your job as an Affiliate Marketer much easier. By performing better in the Search Engines we can expect our sites to get more traffic.

The educational material consists of a Quick Start Guide, and an 80 page reference manual on how to use the software, a 170 page guide on Creating Affiliate Sites and an FTP guide. And of course the videos covering Page Building, Editing, Menus, Keyword Maps, Theme Reports, Legal and Links Pages as well as one video on FTP.

Extra support is available from a thriving forum and from Andy Williams directly.

Webmasters are bitterly complaining about their sites being dropped from the search engine results pages. Google is stepping up the pressure to provide high quality content on a well constructed site.

SEO Website builder version 2 is well suited to the new online environment and comes with a thorough educational and support package.

Even if you were not considering purchasing Website Building software the rate and direction of change of the Online environment are such as to suggest that this is a prudent investment.

Source by Alexander Newell