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OK – enough of the bull. You want to know what the real truth about small business website design and how much it actually costs.

Do you feel like you’re getting the run-around and no one can really answer the question of how much you really need to spend to build a website for your small business?

One of the reasons might be that there are just so many options for website design. There are literally hundreds of programs out there you can use to put up a website and they vary in many factors such as:

  • ease of use
  • cost
  • ability to update
  • add-ons

There are some approximate general costs to building a website that you should be aware of, here they are:

  • Domain Name $10: This is the www address that all websites have.
  • Hosting $5 – $500+/month: Hosting can be cheap or very expensive depending on if you have a dedicated server and how much traffic is running through your site.
  • Software $50 – $1000+: Website design programs can run you hundreds of dollars.
  • Website Designers – $100 – $10,000+: This varies so greatly and depends on many factors.
  • Graphic Designers – $50 – $2,000+: Again, so much depends on the designer, the needs and the amount.

So let’s go into a bit more detail on how to put these options together. Here are three main ways to build a website:

1. Website Builders

A website builder is most commonly a program that is available only online. You typically would sign up for a website with a website builder and would log in to access your account and update your website. This type of website design is an option for those who might never move their website or who don’t plan to add a lot of pages. It’s not really recommended if you plan on creating a large, customized website.

A free website builder you can use is Weebly.

2. Website Software

If you buy website software then you will be able to design your own site. Often website software is installed on your own computer. Then, once you’ve designed the site you’ll need to buy a domain name and hosting so you can upload your design to the internet.

Alternatively, you can use a software program like WordPress that is hosted online. You can buy a domain name and hosting and then use WordPress to build your website. By the way WordPress website software is completely free, unlike many other website design software programs.

3. Website Designers

You always have the option to hire someone to do it for you. You can find website designers who use software like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expressions. There are also designers out there who use WordPress or Joomla. The way they design your site is important and even if you don’t know anything about how to do it yourself you should research and figure out what type of site you want BEFORE you hire a website designer.

Source by Angela Wills