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Nowadays Social Media is a part of everybody’s lifestyle. It could not be called as a passive environment. Once you succeed to brand your product or services in your connected market, it is etiquette in Social Media (SM) to remain in connection with ones in your social network. One should realize the value time of ours as well as others. This is such a media which if used in a correct manner could be very beneficial for personal as well as product branding. It’s my personal view that everyone in today’s digital world should be in touch with its network via social networking websites or broadly you can say via social media.

Depending upon how marketers look towards SM, it could be BLESSING if used correctly and could be a CURSE if used in an improper manner.

As far as I perceive, it’s an OPPORTUNITY for both individuals and businesses. I can’t say it has no drawbacks, but when compared, its benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Instead of spending another year re-building your website it results better if you re-brand your website via SM. For which you can keep your website updated with new and additional content to provide value to your target audiences, also to keep them hooked to your website.

Through Social Media Marketing (SMM) you can build long term relationships and interact better with your potential users. You can get requisite insights about your competitors. Most of the companies fear to face the negative comments about their brand, but the fact is this way you get the real feedback from market about your brand from the real users. Some of them feel insecure to acknowledge and respond to negative views. Rather this is the way a company can improve its brand further from true feedback coming via SM. This way I can say that it’s a necessity for customer relationship marketing and brand reputation management. So surely we can call it a blessing.

An individual who is not involved in any business can leverage SM for building personal connections. They can connect and communicate with their friends and family.

What one needs is proper strategic planning to have sure and definite outcomes. It just calls for proper marketing plan and also set goals to achieve success in Social Media campaigns. It requires a preset planning about how they will participate in SM channels like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Do not avoid your participation by feeling insecure about the mistakes that might happen. This is the beauty of this digital world where everything can be corrected.

My preference is to follow a road-map with step-by-step instructions for specific things, combined with lots of hands-on and real-time learning from doing the work and participating in various social media channels. It is rather important to set metrics for your social marketing so as to gauge the growth from this channel over time. If you call the content as a KING, then one should agree that marketing that too via SOCIAL MEDIA is a queen that rules the whole game.

Source by Vinita Sharma