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An optimized website looks more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. You can see that most of the websites listen when you choose for a keyword, lists out the website that has good SEO done. The other websites that falls in the 5th page of the search engine would have also implemented some strategies that did not work out well. Not all the websites could be listed in the first page of the SEO. There are 'n' numbers of websites residing in a web-host and it is difficult to list all websites in the page 1 of search engine, referring to the keyword searched for.

There is nothing in this world that is available for free. To earn money out of your website, you need to perform certain search engine optimization works. If you are not sure of doing it, better contact some SEO consultant who can help you in this issue. There are some advances SEO techniques which they can explain you about optimizing your website.

Keyword Research: The first thing that you need to perform is to know which keywords are being searched in the particular place, for eg Toronto. What are the variations of keywords that can benefit you to be successful in this Toronto search engine optimization? Researching on these can help you to concentrate in writing content relating to it.

Local Business Listing: Preparing a local business list can help you to get an idea about the successful businesses in your area that affects your business. So that you can choose your niche in a stronger manner accordingly, to get more page ranks.

Link Building Techniques: This process can help you to make strong back-links that is necessary to make your website reachable. This is one of the off page optimization techniques and this part is quite an essential part of a business.

Social Bookmarking: This is also an essential thing. You need to make your website submitted to the social bookmarking websites. These websites are famous among people of all parts of the world. Here is an easy way to make your business identified everywhere.

RSS Feeds: While creating articles on blogger and submitting it to the feed, you are submitting it to almost 40 directories in just one click. Afterward pinging the feel you are alerting the search engines about your blog or website. So this is also an essential part of SEO.

Source by Rafi Michael