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In today’s world, women are taking better care of their appearance and this includes the application and removal of makeup. Since most bathrooms and bedrooms do not furnish enough light to efficiently accomplish this task, many women own lighted makeup mirrors. These items can either be mounted to a wall or placed as a pedestal on a dresser or vanity. Many individuals feel more comfortable with mounted wall mirrors, so that they can stand while putting on or taking off their makeup. However, some prefer to sit at a vanity. Whichever the case, it is entirely the choice of the individual.

Lighted makeup mirrors have various features, as follows:

• On- off switch

• Variable lighting

• Low, medium, high settings

The variable lighting on a mirror is based mostly on the extent of light that is available in the room. For well lit rooms, a “low” setting may be needed, whereas for dim rooms a “high” setting might naturally be required. For the average area, the medium setting is all that should be needed.

• Different types of lighting

Depending upon the type of look that one might desire, a different shade and degree of light might be needed. A makeup mirror can accomplish this with a “click of a switch’.


A day setting has regular light that is much like a sunlit area. It is a little brighter, making the visibility of every little aspect noticeable.


Evening settings add a little pink and darker shade to the mirror. More glow and warmth is present, thus making it easy to obtain that romantic appearance.


An office or home mirror contains average light.

• Adjustable

Each mirror is equipped to adjust to various height levels. This makes it convenient, so that the individual using the mirror can use it without stretching and straining.

• Close or regular images

Makeup mirrors are available with regular and magnifying mirrors. This way individuals can use the magnifying mirror for close up work, especially pertaining to the eyes, and use the regular mirror for the over-makeup application.

Lighted makeup mirrors are available online at stores that specialize in beauty products and items. From time to time, they are discounted and can reap a pretty sizable savings. Perks, such as “free shipping”, are also included quite frequently. It is important to make sure that a warranty or guarantee is included prior to purchasing the makeup mirror in the event that it is broken or defective upon delivery. Usually a warranty of this kind covers a 30 to 60 day period. This is long enough to detect a flaw or malfunction related to the mirror or electrical settings.

Makeup mirrors are fast becoming popular with all ages of women who are concerned about their appearance. It makes it easier to both apply and remove makeup. Affordable, yet convenient, these makeup mirrors save time and make for better and more efficient end results. Many of these mirrors are manufactured with dual electrical voltages, so that they can be used anywhere in the world.

Source by Ned D’Agostino