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Today successful website owners are someone who takes advantages from both the forms of Internet Marketing that is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Social Media Marketing (SMM). At an initial glimpse you may not find any connection between the two. This happens usually because SMM is more of an off-page interaction whereas SEO directly aims to drive traffic to a website via search engines. However, if you study carefully you will find that there is definitely a direct relationship between the two.

As a website owner you need to create several interesting and unique content and share them with potential customers every day via various social media channels like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and blogs in case of SMM. This content is then discussed and distributed in these discussions groups and forums, thus further generating links. With so many people sharing such links of a website, its ranking is bound to increase. Social Media Marketing permits you to use a wide range of keywords. All you need to do is to create a search marketing strategy in which you create a list of socially promoting keywords that will help you to enhance the brand value of your product.

However it does not only work in one direction. This whole process also works the other way around where SEO services impact Social Media Optimization. Well this happen in this way. When a link is at the top of search result, it is more likely to be shared by people.

However, if you talk about targeting audiences, SMM only adds social value to a brand. This means that SMM only influences the opinions of customers but do not compel them to take any action. On the other hand, SEO generates Link value to a product or service and it doesn’t essentially care about the Social value of a website. This is due to the fact that while you do off-page optimization of a webpage through SEO processes you place links of your website on other websites which

Source by Kandpal Chandra Subhash