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In the early 1940 a new marketing concept that was first proposed by Rosser Reeves of Ted Bates & Company. This theory states that campaigns that make unique propositions to the customer will convinced them to switch brands. This is a very logical way of thinking. Today the term is used in other fields or just casually to refer to any aspect of an object that differentiates it from similar objects. These UPSs was used as a basis for their marketing campaigns by many businesses.

Emotions (with logic of course) are an effective marketing strategy for the purpose of shifting consumer buying trends. It is known that some people buy emotionally and justify it with reasons. The Use of emotional appeals in the advertisements is sometimes known as emotional selling proposition (ESP). This theory has evolved in the 60’s. Since then much other marketing branding strategy has appeared; OSP (organization selling Proposition), BSP (branding selling), MSP (me selling – putting the consumer in front) and in 2000 there was HBP (holistic buying).

All these theories are very diversified much similar to the human condition. There is no one why of branding you products or services, it depends largely on the potential consumer profile. But with all these branding strategy there is one common thread. They all address the consumer needs (N). So in this respect if you can tap into your potential client need you can develop a compatible marketing strategy to fit your market.

Today marketing experts say that you have to have one strong brand name, but your market has different needs that are changing with time. NSP (need selling Proposition) allows companies to be more flexible with their branding and marketing thus encouraging companies to always know their customers. Need (N) are the bases of all human actions, whether it be the need to eat, drink, love, accumulate knowledge or just have fun. If you are acting in a certain way it is because you want to fulfill a specific need at that moment that will change the minute it is met. Most needs are spiral shape action where they need to be met again in the future, near or far and not always in a same way.

By knowing this we need to change our branding and marketing strategy as often as our consumers changes their needs. So we can maintain the loyal base that our brand is based upon. Marketing strategy has changed through the years, people have changed as much. NSP is the future of selling.

Source by Meir Shavit