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If you are thinking about going serious into the web development business, let me show you some statistics. In the early stages of the internet, it costs tens of thousand of dollars for the services of a website specialist to develop a website for you. There were only about one thousand companies offering this type of service in 1995. Now, there are about tens of thousands of companies offering the same service. Wikipedia said it is about 30,000 in 2005. With the influx of such companies, the price of the service for designing a website has also drastically fallen down.

This means that what you may earn may not be as big as what website developers earned before. Also, the number of customers or the pool of customers who will get your services may not be as ideal as it was before due to the sheer number of people offering the same type of service at a cheaper price.

Add to that the fact that you can get almost all the tools necessary to build a website for free. There are many websites offering shareware, peer-to-peer file transfer (commonly known as P2P in internet jargon), free downloads, trial packs, and so on. So if people can get their own tools to build these sites, why will they need your service? Another thing in consideration is the number of websites offering free website builders in which the customer who needs to build a website just copies and pastes picture. Presto! The website is up and running even if the creator knows nothing about HTML.

In etymology, web development is a complex-or used to be-process of planning, conceptualizing, application, implementation, and execution of designing of how a website will work. This includes all interface, hyperlinks, graphics, and what-have-you that we all see in the web page. From a professional standpoint, web development involves a more complex process that do not engage in the actual aesthetic design of the website itself. Instead, it is the type of work that requires laborious encoding of computer languages that will work for the customer. This may also involve process-oriented techniques for developing the website: audience information, target market, web presentation, etc.

Majority of customers for web development are business owners-small or large scale-who wish to tap the World Wide Web to expand their trade. I think almost every one is doing it. With the advent of information technology, reaching out to other geographies is now made a thousand times easier. All you need is a web developer who will create the workflow or automation of your checkout system for your online store. You may also need a payment process or for credit card payments to receive your payments.

The customer orders, confirms payment, and you ship the item to your customer. Easy. Not like before, you have to ship the item first before you can even advertise it. Now, with the internet, people can view your items or even become aware of what services you offer without the hassle of spending too much on advertisement and international tax.

Source by Jonathan Popoola