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The internet throngs with thousands of sites, everything doing the same kind of business as you do! If you want your site to be unique and an eye-catcher in the crowd your website should be efficient and strong. It should be able to implement a feeling in the mind of the visitor that he will benefit in his life better, that he will be a much happier individual if he has your product with him!

Your web design and content together should grab him and move him to buy your product. The web design should be able to generate faith in your products and company. Every website will not be able to capture visitors and convert them in to customers. Conversion and traffic are the two most important things in marketing.

A custom Web design is a uniquely designed web page for a business purpose. It should be endowed with a special look and feel. The website should have its content and layout totally diverse from other Websites. Conversely, a ready-made web template means a page designed and kept ready for use. Once you pay for the license you are free to use the page in your site. Usually it is not possible for the customer to make alterations in the layout or other options provided on the template.

A custom Web design is highly advantageous as it produces an exclusive individuality to your site. Customers will notice your online existence easily with the striking website solely intended for your company. Custom web pages, when compared to ready-made templates are more expensive. There are many outsourcing services which custom design sites for different purposes. The professional touch of such websites helps you to characterize each and every part of your Website the way you need it. This helps the business organizations to assert their identity online. The highly scalable nature of a custom web design provides you chance to alter the template in future.

Ready-made templates are not fancied by business people. Even though they come cheap there is a possibility that a different organization must have used it. It is not at all a pleasing sight to see another Website employing the very same layout and graphics you used in your website. Further they are not at all flexible. If you want to utilize it for your site, first of all you will have to alter the contents and graphics of your Website to match the needs of the template. Hence Custom Web designs are preferred by people who are keen to keep their identity.

Source by Sooraj Surendran