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Are you looking for effective brand building strategies to help grow your online business?

Who doesn’t? The key is to do it effectively with short-term and long-term strategies.

I have been building a home business online since 2012 and I have seen many systems and traffic methods come and go. But there are a few traffic techniques that are time-tested for getting not just residual leads, but building your brand in the process.

Video Marketing

I challenge you to find a successful marketer that is not utilizing videos. If you do I will give you a complimentary gift on me.

The fact is videos are the biggest and single most important communicator online.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to start getting traffic and leads with videos is to start by making short educational videos about a niche your passionate about.

You can simply use a smartphone, and there is no need to buy expensive video equipment. It’s all about helping people with their problems and to provide solutions.

You can even create videos while you are out and about living life and tie it into your business.

You really can’t make mistakes, you just share value to others.


If you plan on being here long-term (and you should) you want to be doing blogging.

There are many reasons why I like blogging… But the main reason would be, it’s your central marketing hub online.

Think of your blog like your home base. It’s a perfect place to put any information regarding programs you promote or thoughts on your mind to share with the world and you own the blog. It’s your property online and can never be taken away.

The more people visit your blog, the more they get familiar with you and your content. Which is why it’s so effective for building trust and brand building in general.

And as time passes your content will have a residual effective. This can result in leads and sales on complete autopilot.

Social Media

Without question the strongest brand building strategy would have to be social media.

This should be part of your daily routine to increase your presence and to connect with people on social sites like Facebook and Twitter or any other social media site you participate.

Remember, business is built on strong relationships and nothing comes close to connecting with customers in real-time like social media sites can do.

That’s how powerful social media is and if you are not using it, START RIGHT NOW!

Now it’s important to use social media the right way. People come to social media to SOCIALIZE. They don’t come to get pitched. Just remember to keep it professional, deliver real value and care for others.

Source by Carl Davies