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Selling old stuff is the talk of the town these days. You can hardly walk past a coffee shop without hearing someone telling their war stories. This old vacuum hauled in 100 bucks for someone; that old laptop computer brought in $250 – and it wasn’t even working. Still, if you are about to sell Alienware notebook computers or any the type of laptop online, you have to know the rules of the game. Here are 5 tips on doing it right.

1. Give only a brief glance in the direction of people you know. People that you know might mention they are looking for a used laptop, or maybe someone they know is. Does this seem like the way to go if you want to sell Alienware notebook computers secondhand? You might end up getting more of a hassle in this fashion than if you were dealing with strangers. Besides, what if something happens after it is already sold? Will they expect you to be responsible?

2. Use the community website on your own terms. The community websites are like the nicest people in the world: they have nothing but good intentions, but sometimes cannot help but drive you crazy. What can you do to avoid the hassles? Make the buyers come to you. Don’t travel to be disappointed, plus don’t deal with anyone who seems a little off. In the case of these websites, they usually are not worth it.

3. If going to the online marketplaces, avoid auctions. The online marketplaces were once upon a time the best way to sell Alienware notebook computers and any other laptops. The fees were low, the seller had some power and it all happened so quickly. That was then; this is now. Today’s eBay leaves sellers out in the cold if an unreasonable buyer wants to call foul when no offense has been committed. In fact, a buyer can do whatever he or she pleases. Negative feedback for buyers has been completely eliminated. They can no longer do wrong, even if they do wrong.

4. Don’t use PayPal. PayPal is like eBay’s buddy in the ‘protect buyers at all costs’ game. Who loses when this game goes awry? The sellers do, naturally. You can sell Alienware notebook computers and find yourself without the money after you mail the computer to the auction winner. Who says it’s all right? PayPal will happily freeze the funds and never release them, as long as the buyer says no. Is this protection or the disaster waiting to happen that it usually is?

5. For the easy way out, opt for the professional buyers. If you need to sell Alienware notebook computers and get the deal done in a matter of days, you can use one of the professional buyers instead. The advantages are obvious. They do not have the poor judgment that many buyers do. They run companies looking to close deals and make customers happy. In this case, they offer the best solution to sellers.

Source by Tom Lasky