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There are many advantages to affiliate marketing, and I’ve talked about these in other articles. They include not having to provide customer service or create your own products.

Where most affiliates get stuck though is when you start talking about building websites. Many don’t have the skills to create a website, or are afraid they can’t learn.

If this is your fear, then maybe you need to consider whether you need a website or not. There are many ways to build a website without knowing HTML. All you need to do is decide first what your income goals and topics are and then build from there.

Below are five different ways to earn money from affiliate marketing, and they are the easiest and fastest ways to get started in affiliate marketing.

1. Bum Marketing

Bum marketing is where you write articles to promote affiliate products. The easiest way to get started here is to select the products you want to promote and then write articles. Once you have written your articles, then choose article directories that allow you to use your afffiliate links in your resource box.

The alternative here is to buy a keyword rich domain and point it to the appropriate affiliate program.

2. Squidoo

A Squidoo lens is a one page web site on a specific topic. You don’t need to know HTML to use this site. To get started, choose your niche topic and create your lens. Add short articles related to the topic, as well as a review. Focus on promoting one specific product. This is the main way to make money.

3. Review site

A review site is a simple one page website where you compare several different products related to one topic. You write a short review on each product and then rate it. These are quite popular right now, and they are easy to make. Use a free HTML editor that doesn’t require you to know HTML. There are tons of them available on the internet.

4. Content site

Although this may seem to be the most complicated to make, it’s really not. There are tons of free blogging sites available that will allow you to create a content rich website on your topic. You may also look for free website builders on sites like Google and MSN.

Write product reviews and article related to your topic. If you’re blogging, sign up for Google Alerts on your topic. You’ll find plenty of things to write about.

5. Subscription pages

A subscription page, or lead capture page, is a one page website where you offer visitors a subscription to your list. You’ll find free software on the internet to help you build these. You’ll need an autoresponder to capture your visitors’ email and name. The advantage to this type of site is it allows you to recycle your traffic.

With web hosting and domain names so cheap these days, it’s very easy to start an affiliate business on a shoestring. Assemble the right tools, and then build your site.

Source by Jinger Jarrett