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If you are planning to start an online business, besides having your website up and all of your content in, the crux of your business has got to be payment. Without payment, there will be no revenue.

Let us assume, for the moment here, that your website is ready to go live. It is now time to decide on a mode of payment for your customers. Which payment mode should you choose to incorporate into your website?

Should your site have credit card payments, other merchant account providers, or a combination of both (Popular classified ads providers like provide both methods of payment)? Which merchant account providers or credit card merchant should be used?

The above are the questions that should be going through your mind. It is essential that the proper research is done before deciding. Areas like how much these providers charge, if there are any hidden fees, if they are trustworthy.

Check out the provider’s reputation via forums, via the provider’s site itself. Check out if they have any verification seals, and find out, in detail, how their charging and payment processes are exactly. Sites like Paypal provide very detailed instructions on how to set up an account, and how to incorporate Paypal payment into commercial websites.

Do take note that although majority of shoppers like to use their credit cards, not every online shopper has one. This does not mean credit card payment should not be used at all. It is usually best to cater to both sides of the fence to ensure convenience.

Source by Dean Quek