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There’s something interminable about building websites when you aren’t used to it, or very good at it. It seems like the time is falling away in right front of you, yet you don’t have anything to show for it. If you are in business, this can be frustrating. It’s even more frustrating if you know you aren’t good at designing and coding websites, but have to do it anyway or your business is stagnant. What you need is better website builder tools to help you along.

Website design is a skill. A lot of people will tell you it takes time to learn, and you’ll just have to buck down and learn the skill. After all, that’s what they had to do! It takes a lot of time investment, and I bet if you asked them they’d relate hours and hours of building basic websites to you, and then tell you about their early failures. I bet you’ve had failures, too. Or not even gone down the website route because of energy you’d have to expend to learn.

If you are not building websites, then the chances are you’ve gone with a service like Squidoo that helps automate the process for you. In fact at the moment I am using Squidoo, but I won’t be for long.

The problem with Squidoo, and services like them, is that your customers can be distracted away from your products by the ads on the page. If you have a look at your click-out rate the chances are that some of them weren’t for the product you were promoting. You haven’t got your customer’s undivided attention. For that you need a website.

If you want a website then it makes sense to look for a website builder tool, like Squidoo, that will de-skill the whole process. There is one coming on the market soon, that has been designed with the Internet marketer in mind. It’s meant to make website design easier, so that you can concentrate on what you need to do to get sales and drive people to your page.

I won’t be having my Squidoo page for long. If you don’t want to either, then have a look at Site Rubix. It’s designed for the Internet marketer, and will allow you to concentrate your energy on the tasks that will get you sales. What have you got to lose?

Source by Tricia Lake