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Website hosting may not seem the most romantic of topics for gifts, but suggestions for Valentine Ideas and presents that might actually help with the finances must be more welcome than usual in this recession! Web hosting seemed like a minefield to me when I first started out alone to look for the perfect paid business website hosting account for me – bandwidth, traffic success, seo,search engines, different providers offering various different incentives and suggestions – I was overwhelmed! Not only that, but I had seen various warnings on the web to beware of bogus operators offering false promises, cheap packages and ‘too good to be true’ solutions. Some of their quick, easy ‘make thousands of dollars quick’ promises seemed to distract at every turn. Researching these reviews and forums as a team however, is encouraging and motivating – and it’s fun to be creative and build something together – or – alternatively have a little romantic contest to see who can get the most traffic! Spring seems the optimal time of year to think about finally getting round to organising some website hosting and niches – such as Valentine ideas for creative gifts.

I remember all the confusing hurdles and distractions I had to overcome solo before I eventually found the best, supportive website hosting service and training course for me. It was difficult to pick my way through the forest of offers on my own – it would have been much more fun to share the process! I had firmly made up my mind to start an online business writing and affiliate marketing. I had done my research and needed to find something – and quickly! I wanted to find out more about building a website and I would need to host it somewhere.- the question was ‘where was the best place’?

Inundated with bandwidth offers and internet tool packages, I thought about my goals. The first goal had to be that my website builder priority had to be to build a profitable web business around my hobbies and expertise.. The idea of just ‘putting up a site’ was a bit of a luxury in miy situation.- at least to some degree, in order for me to contribute to the family budget and pay me for my time. One of the first topics I had in mind was Valentine Ideas including romance, gift suggestions and traditions.

The first paid business web hosting packages and reviews I researched talked about the more old-fashioned Web Hosting services like AOL, Yahoo and Interland. They did provide storage space but on a on a disk, albeit with enough bandwidth, and some did offer one or two tools. At first this seemed quick, easy and of course – cheap. But I was worried about how much more it would cost me to get found by search engines – and competing with innumerable other sites – and whether there would be more hidden costs later. I wanted more than just my own personal space on the web – I needed to build a business. I thought ‘you get what you pay for.’

My goal was to make my site stand out enough to get found by Google,Yahoo and Msn. I also needed a site that would look professional and be popular and profitable – I needed to build my own free, targeted traffic. in order to call my online business my own. I wanted my web site to drive business. Also. I had valuable experience and tips to share and thought I could use this both to help other online writers and to generate income for myself.

I also needed an expert but affordable web hosting company which would take care of all the technical issues for me, reliably. I didn’t want to invest hours of research and writing in pages that were liable to go down.

After scouring the web for reviews and demonstrations I eventually found the perfect web hosting company by word of mouth! Writing buddies I admired were using an affiliate marketing web page builder that was well-established and respected – and they were all renewing. As some had solid profitable sites, this was good enough for me! The customer reviews and review forum looked excellent too.

I ended up with the Web Hosting package I am happily using now – one that provides a well-proved process and a tech-free, complete set of keyword-finding, website-building, hosting and marketing tools. All this in addition to the usual 99.99% of uptime, the high bandwidth allowance and good high storage numbers that the other web hosting services provided. Unfortunately I missed the special ‘His N Hers’ type of Buy One Site Get Another For $100 promotion that year. This year I have alerted some of my friends about it!

This easy web page maker also offered the crucial extra element – training and tools when I needed them, to help me create a website that would attract curious, keen clients. I had experience and information to convert into income, and thanks to my trusty web hosting service I am building a future, not just a business. In the end I didn’t go with the Valentine Ideas topic, but I still think it’s a great niche – and a His N Hers website hosting arrangement is still a great idea for support, motivation and fun!

Source by S M Cullen