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A web designer can design interactive and appealing websites as well as applications with the help of PHP. PHP is the acronym of hypertext preprocessor and is one of the most recognized languages for scripting the web designs. There are hardly any restrictions when using PHP for web designing. Some of the prominent uses of PHP are as follows.


GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. The PHP can be used for a range of utilities. These utilities range from creating simple web applications to creating complex desktop applications. Most of the web designers are quite acquainted with the use of PHP and use it as a transitional vehicle too. Thorough knowledge of PHP and its extensions is needed if you want to create a Graphical User Interface. Web designing with PHP becomes very easy for those who have mastered the use of PHP for scripting desktop applications. A web designer can start with the two famous extensions, namely PHO GTK and ZZEE PHP GUI. PHO GTK is open source and has a good toolkit. If PHP scripts are to be converted to windows applications that are functional, then ZZEE PHP GUI is a good solution.

Developing Facebook Applications

If you want the integration of Facebook and the website, PHP can be of much use. Prior to commencement of building the Facebook application with the help of PHP, it is mandatory that you are thorough with the Developer Guide of Facebook. This will make you feel comfortable when starting with the application. The guide includes the Facebook PHP library. The guide shows how to use the files in this library. The guide has step by step instructions about the installations of those files. If a web designer wants to design a Facebook application then a thorough study of this resource is highly recommended.

Creation of Mailing Lists

PHP allows you to draft customized script. With the help of PHP newsletters can be emailed to clients and others. A pre-drafted script can also be used. The PHP mailing list is maintained to keep the listed people receive the information when you want them to receive. PHP makes mass mailing also possible.

Building Community on Internet

Promoting business online and crating awareness about it can make your customers feel as if they are being supported by a group of people or community. One can make the customers interact among each other through forum or a social network. This will facilitate the customers in knowing better about the products or services that you offer. Building online community can be of much help to receive feedback from the customers. The PHP Framework like CakePHP and Codeigniter can be used to build online community. Some of the useful PHP tools are VBulletin, PHP BB and Pun BB.

Development of E-Commerce

PHP is now mostly used for the implementation of E-Commerce solution. One can build a shopping cart with the help of PHP Framework like CakePHP and Codeigniter. Integration of different payment solutions is also possible.

PHP is now the logical choice of most designers just because it offers stability, accuracy and easy utility.

Source by Alan L Smith