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Website templates are a great way of creating a website without having to spend weeks designing and developing web pages. There are many options of getting a website produced. Some businesses simply use a web designer and pay them to produce custom designed web pages. For those starting a new business on a small budget, paying someone else for this work may not be an affordable option. Free website generators such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have been around for years and are very popular. They are Open Source software which is available to download free by anyone. They can be a good option, but to the novice user, they can be difficult to customize. They may be fine for the hobby enthusiast, school or charity, but these websites can look very similar and may not present the professional image required by a business.

For those with knowledge of HTML and CSS, using an HTML editor is another option. But creating a website from scratch is hard work and can take a lot of time to complete. Website templates are certainly an option worth considering. Some are available free, and the author may require a back link to display on any web pages using such a template. Other website templates are available for a small price, and are often well worth the small investment as they will save a lot of time and effort. For a small website of around up to 10 pages, a simple HTML web template would be fine. For more complex websites, a content management system (CMS) such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupal may be more suitable and will make the content easier to organize and update.

Web templates are available for both HTML and CMS. In order to use them, a set of files must be downloaded to the local computer. The relevant files would then need to be customized with content text and images, and the updated files are then uploaded to the website domain. Web design software and template generators are also available to purchase which allow the user to adapt templates with different header designs, layout columns and navigation menus. These can allow the user to be a web designer without technical knowledge of HTML or CSS style sheets. Whether you want to set up a blog, hobby or business website, consider all the options, including time and available budget. Free templates may look attractive at first glance, but may not be the best solution for all websites.

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