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"Best in Class" service means going above and beyond accepted norms to meet the needs of your clients. It means providing clients with exceptional products, which exceed their expectations and are delivered on time. For best in class service, it may be best to think of graphics services from a production standpoint. It goes without saying that taking time to listen to clients and understanding their needs is at the core of providing high-level service. Ultimately, graphics services must produce products. Clients must have confidence in the quality of products they receive, and that they will be delivered in a timely fashion. All of these are tied together.

Confidence is affected by revisions. By focusing energy in understanding the needs of the client from the beginning, the project gains focus and clarity. With clearly defined deliverables, it is more likely that the designers will be able to produce what the client is looking for with fewer revisions. By delivering products with fewer necessities, graphics services instills a level of trust in its capabilities. There is an inherent comfort which is comes with proving that the clients needs and desires are understood, and that graphics services is able to produce the materials to meet them.

Lead times are also affected by revisions. As the number of revisions in a project increases, the more likely the deadline will not be met. This not only affects the current project, but also creates a bottleneck in production. Effort is wasted by designers and the next projects can not be completed as the current projects are still pending. Delays diminish trust in the product as well as in graphics services. In "best in class" service, deadlines can not be missed. By consistently meeting established deadlines, graphics services gains the trust of the client. Repeated successes only serve to build up that trust.

In theory, doing everything right the first time and every time, will lead to "best in class" service. In reality, it is not so easy to reproduce. It will take small steps at first, but in the same way graphic services buildings trust from their customers, they will also build confidence in themselves. It will take close communication with clients to understand what it is they are looking for and communicating what graphic services can provide. Next it will take honest assessment of lead times. Providing clients with honest appraisals for the time it will take to produce materials will help to schedule tasks, and set realistic goals for the team and the client. Strong communication is not only needed between the client and graphic services, but also between team members within graphic services. For best in class, missing deadlines is not an option. Communicating to team members when a project is at risk for missing a deadline is critical. Although not optimal, in these cases, it may be necessary to pull people into the at-risk project from others that are on time. Again incurring delays in other projects is more desirable than missing deadlines altogether.

These are just of the many ways "best in class" service can be achieved in graphic services.

Source by Peter Hyun