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I have content that needs to be embedded in a HTML wrapper. What is that? How can I possibly do this? An HTML wrapper merely refers to a very basic empty HTML page. You would typically enter your embedded content within the body of a HTML wrapper then publish your page to see the embedded content in a typical HTML format.

It’s easier to manipulate and modify an HTML page using an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver or Kompozer, but you can also create the HTML wrapper for your content using a simple text editor.

1. Open a text editor such as notepad.

2. Paste the following into the text editor minus the [ ] symbols.



What Is a HTML Wrapper?





This is very basic. You’ll want to add a title between the What Is a HTML Wrapper? and [/title] tags. You most likely will want to add a metatag in between the [head] and [/head] and tags as well. (Go to for more information on metatags).

Your content will be pasted in between the [body] and [/body] tags. This will allow your content to be displayed on the webpage. If you want to center the embedded content add a [center] tag just before the embedded content. The centering will still work without the closing tag, but it is a good practice to include it anyway.

For example:

<center>content that is centered. </center>

Once you are through you will want to save your text editor file as a HTML file. If it is to be the main page of your site naming it index HTML is standard. This is a very basic example and there are other ways to go about this.

The basic HTML wrapper is cross platform compatible and easy for even beginning HTML scriptors to master.

Source by Nicole Dickson