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If you have plans to build a website, then you must have done some research work and this time you must be aware of open source platforms and technologies. Implementing latest technologies into your website is now a prime requirement as the demands of your customers are also changing and you have to keep them satisfied with updated services. If you are familiar with open source, then chances are high that you have also heard the phrase LAMP. It stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP and this is an open source website development platform that has Linux as its operating system, Apache as its web server, MySQL as the RDBMS and PHP as its object oriented scripting language. The product can be easily downloaded for free or even bought with great support from the Linux distributors, and major software players like IBM.

More into LAMP

LAMP refers to the solution stack of software that is particularly used to run dynamic websites or servers. The combination of various technologies is used to define the web server infrastructure, the programming paradigm of software development and to establish a software distribution package. Though it was not designed to work specifically with each other, but the combination of different software has made it quite popular because of the low cost and the ubiquity of the components. When the software is used in combination, they represent technologies that support application servers.

Why LAMP is considered to be the best

With software developers creating more and more complicated websites for business owners, they can now create attractive and functional sites very easily. After you receive a business proposal, you can choose LAMP as it has great opportunities for creating and managing a website. Choosing LAMP is the best option as you will have complete power and control over your site and you can also easily get started with the free scripts. Developers can also mix and match the components to suit the specific needs and since it lacks a single unifying authority, the product is readily available to a wide range of people for free. This makes LAMP development incredibly attractive to the wide range of users who would otherwise have to pay for the commercial tools that are often very expensive.

Another major reason that makes LAMP technology very popular is its easy access to the source that makes it quick to improve the application and even fix faults. This in fact simplifies the development process for the enterprises and also gives them the flexibility that is not available with commercial based products.

When should you choose to use LAMP?

There are various organizations that have websites or services that receive high computational loads, like hosting services for static files, high load streaming of videos and audios or systems for video processing and storage. To create such products, they must use more specific software that is also cost effective. The Apache server running on Linux is an easy way to create a simple web server, but the information provided will be static. So, adding any dynamic or interactive components will require the use of programming languages like PHP or PERL. You can even use dynamic components to allow people add products to their basket and place their order. It is here that the power of LAMP shines. By using Apache, dynamic components and a database, you can easily create dynamic and a truly database driven site that is quite easy to update and even offers rich functionalities to support the users.

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