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Branding campaigns have been launched round the year without having any specific time constraints or considerations but the question is always there, whether, there are certain times which really are suitable to have a branding campaign or anytime is branding time.

Launching of a brand is your last chance to create strong identity and maximum recall. Once a brand is perceived by your target segment, you will have to spend huge budgets to change any undesired perception. So, take branding very seriously and brand simple. Branding reinforces the established image of any company or brand. It strikes the back of mind and helps brand gain top of mind again. Branding is a very powerful tool to cope the various situations in brand life-cycle.

There is much more to it than one simple answer to the question” when is the right time to launch a campaign”; it has multidimensional aspects and obligations to fulfill. Branding campaign has been highly recommended before launching any new product or service. Since, the company has an established name and trust, so, it’s the right time to acknowledge and remind our customers about their right decision. Your campaign registers in the mind of target segment and they start to feel their strong association with the brand. This association will serve as a platform to launch your new brand and enjoy the strong liking and response on behalf of your established trust and identity.

Collaboration or joint venture of any brand with any other company requires a branding campaign. If we take the example of the merger between sonyericsson, we will be clear about this type of branding campaign. Both of these companies will have to launch an image building campaign to sustain the trust and support of their existing customer base. This campaign will be highlighting the scope of this venture and the benefits that it attaches for the customers.

When your competitor is making lucrative spending and having strong media-presence, this once again is an ideal time to launch a very strategic yet creative branding campaign. Your loyal customers will be looking forward to feel pride for choosing your brand in this stiff competition. Rise to your customers’ expectations by launching a timely and multimedia branding campaign. These three times are most significant ones as far as branding campaign is concerned. Branding implies a very strong impact on recall and loyalty.

Source by Joe Daley