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This is really a good question. The answer is obviously… it depends. It seems to be annoying, but it’s the reality. SEO, if done properly, considers the duration of your website, any SEO previously was done or not, website content, internal and external links, and many other factors. Let us discuss what your SEO efforts might look like initially during the first six months:-

1st Month – Website audit, keyword research and setting up. Mostly technical changes are made to the website in the first month. However, if the website is poorly development, it may take more time for the research and discovery phase.

2nd Month – On the basis of the site audit results, modification to the website is done. Other SEO activities incorporate the addition of unique and fresh content, link profile building, and complete overhauling of the site. In this month, SEO is being done, but you won’t be seeing any results, since the changes made will make an impact after the completion.

3rd Month – This is the month which focuses on the content creation, blogs, articles, product and company information, etc. It is expected that since you have started in the right side, you might start observing some improvements in the rankings now. However, if the rankings are translating into conversion leads, you will have to wait a little more.

4th Month – After the continued content creation process, optimization of the website, and building of links, you could observe a noticeable increase in the rankings, traffic, followed by lead generation. This month would be noteworthy enough that you recognize SEO is working.

5th Month – In this month, you may have started integrating social media marketing strategy in order to intensify your content and boost direct traffic to your website. Obviously, this can generate lead, and you would possibly engage in some PR activities. From the SEO point of view, you should be seeing more traffic coming in, and your leads should be developing more.

6th Month – In this month, you could observe an improvement in the traffic conversion rate, and how the traffic you’re getting converts into leads. Your SEO activities may be constantly focused on the promotion of content. This can vary depending on your website and the kind of website you have.

You can find a number of SEO Companies who will promise that it takes 4 – 6 months to start observing the results. Remember, the SEO results grow over time, and whatever results you’re observing after six months should be considerably less than what you’re observing after one year.

On the similar pattern, you have to adhere to the SEO structure that is specified by Amazon. Amazon has its own Algorithm that you need to follow strictly. Amazon SEO requirements are much easier than the SEO for Google. The objective of Amazon is to sell products, and ensure you make use of the precise words that lead to conversions.

Source by Sumeet Khanna PhD