Lets face it. When it comes to starting a home based business, there is a lot of competition out there. There are thousands of people who are starting a business every single day and you are about to do the same. However, there is a key marketing concept that will go a long way in developing a following of customers and distributors which will put you ahead of the pack.

In the last three to four years, marketing has taken on a life of its own and business owners with an internet presence are able to develop marketing strategies which involve different methodologies unheard of 10 years ago. Networking with other people, identifying niche markets, websites, blogs, etc., have one element in common – the persons involved in marketing efforts have generally branded themselves, not their products. By branding themselves, business owners give internet customers a clearer picture of the person behind the product and business, therefore relationships and trust are built quicker. This concept is not to be taken lightly.

Branding yourself, often times called “personal branding” means when people see you (not your product), they understand who you are, what you stand for and the expertise you have in your field. In deeper terms, when you brand yourself as an individual, people are attracted to your products or services because they better understand what you bring to the table and feel they can trust you with their purchase. It is easier to develop relationships with potential customers when you brand yourself because customers know your face and philosophy behind services or products. Developing that trust is clearly easier to do over the internet with all the new technologies available.

Corporate branding is just that – branding a product or service void of the human element (most times). For example, large corporations such as Coca-Cola have a corporate brand that is global. On the other hand, Donald Trump has branded himself so that wherever you go, his products (books, casinos, real-estate) all have his personal name on them – and that is what sells his products or services.

Whatever direction you choose to take with your product or services, remember, people follow people. Your voice, image, smile and core customer commitment can clearly give you an edge over many other people setting up shop on the internet. That edge is YOU!

Source by Sofia Hogan