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Your blog needs readers, and they can be a long time coming. Although your blog's traffic will increase gradually, you can boost your readers fast with Social Media Marketing tools.

Social media marketing tools include hundreds of sites, ranging from behemoths like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, to much smaller blog-specific sites like BlogCatalog.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): What Is It?

SMM is marketing using social networks. Essentially SMM leverages social networks to get traffic and make sales. The Web is huge, and these networks gather like-minded people together. When your blog is part of someone's network, others on the network will see mention of your blog, and will wander over to read it.

How To Get Started With SMM

To get started using the social networks, just join some of them, and watch how they operate. Remember the "social" aspect: these networks are not primarily business tools. Form relationships first, before you promote your blog.

Watch to see how other bloggers use SMM, and do likewise.

Although SMM can be powerful and fun, there's one big danger. It's this: they can be a huge time sink, so while you familiarize yourself with these networks, do keep posting and building your blog. The more content on your blog, the more likely it is that traffic which arrives through the network will stay on your site.

Set Goals, And Track Your Traffic

Social networks are all about community, and although they can bring a stampede of traffic to your blog, that traffic is useless without you have a plan. You must set goals for your social media marketing, and track your traffic when it arrives.

So decide what you want this traffic to do. Do you want your blog's visitors to sign up to your RSS feed? If so, make it easy for them to do so.

Once you've set goals for your traffic, watch your statistics to see what your visitors do on your site. If you're not achieving your goals, then create another plan.

Social media marketing can bring a stampede of traffic to your site every day, plan, and enjoy the results.

Source by Angela Booth