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Who is the best affordable web hosting company? The web hosting industry has grown over the years and with all the competition in the industry finding out who is the best web hosting service is very difficult and definitely a task. I would like to share with you my experience in the web hosting world. Over the past 2 years it has been my job to find the best web hosting providers in the industry today.

My first experience with a web hosting company was yahoo small business. Yahoo is great for beginners because there editing software is very user friendly. They offer a 3 step web site building software for simple content sites, which is good for small business. Or if you are like me and have to edit and insert html coding there second option is for you. There html editor is very user friendly. The Yahoo editor is were I personally learn how to build my first web site. So I highly recommend it for beginners. But yahoo is not the top web hosting provider on my list because there reviews and features are not that great. The main reason why i”am not with yahoo anymore is because you can host only one domain per account. (Which means you can only host one web site per account). There monthly fee is around $11.95 / month which is pretty high in my affordable web hosting category. And second I have read a lot of reviews that there uptime and support is not that great which is a big negative in my book.

Now moving on to my second experience with a hosting company. blue host there is not much I have to say about blue host except they are top notch. I have been with blue host for around a year now and no problems yet. I have never had to wait more than a couple minutes for a support question, there uptime is great there feature are great, Plus blue host has received multiple awards for support and reliability. And there reviews are good. That is why i”am still with them today.

Host monster and blue host are joined companies Which means that they are pretty much the same company, just advertised different. The only benefit in choosing hostmonster over blue host is they are cheaper. When my contract is up I will probably go with hostmonster. Startlogic is also a top notch company. I have talked to numerous customers and web masters that love ever aspect of the company. iX web hosting is a good provider that has an anytime money back guarantee. What else could you ask for.

Source by Nicholas Halmond